Hip joint

The hip joints are among the most vital joints in the human body, requiring special care in cases
of diseases or injuries. Dr. Mostafa Elnemr offers his exceptional services in diagnosing and
treating hip joint problems. Whether it’s through early detection of issues or performing
.restorative surgery, Dr. Mostafa aims to restore the health and vitality of patients’ hip joints

Joint arthritis

Joint degeneration is a painful and concerning condition that can significantly impact individuals’
lives. Dr. Mostafa Elnemr diagnoses and treats joint degeneration using the latest medical
techniques and procedures. Dr. Mostafa aims to alleviate pain, improve joint mobility, and
.ensure better comfort for patients suffering from joint degeneration

Cruciate ligament

Dr. Mostafa is dedicated to provide comprehensive care for patients with ACL injuries,. ACL
injuries are one of the most common injuries in the field of orthopedics, requiring expert
diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Mostafa is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients
with ACL injuries, whether they require surgical intervention or an intensive rehabilitation
program. Dr. Mostafa aims to restore strength and stability to the knee, enabling patients to
.confidently and comfortably return to their daily activities

Bone fractures

Bone fractures are common and painful injuries that require prompt and effective evaluation
and treatment. Dr. Mostafa Elnemr diagnoses and treats bone fractures using the latest
techniques and surgical procedures. Dr. Mostafa ensures the necessary care to enhance the
.healing process and facilitate the recovery of patients as quickly as possible

Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Mostafa Elnemr has extensive experience in the field of orthopedic surgery. He provides
professional services in performing reconstructive and cosmetic bone surgeries. Dr. Mostafa
utilizes the latest surgical techniques and methods to achieve satisfactory outcomes and ensure
.a safe and comfortable surgical experience for patients

Orthopedic Emergencies

Dr. Mostafa Elnemr provides Orthopedic emergency services for urgent cases, Whether it is the
need to provide immediate care for bone fractures or limb injuries.

Bone arthroscopy

Bone arthroscopy is an advanced technique that aids in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of
bone-related issues. Dr. Mostafa Elnemr offers bone arthroscopy services to assess and treat
conditions involving the joints, arms, legs, shoulders, and other extremities. Dr. Mostafa utilizes
modern technology to provide clear and precise visualization of the affected areas, resulting in
satisfactory outcomes for patients.

Knee arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is an effective surgical procedure for diagnosing and treating knee problems.
Dr. Mostafa aims to restore strength and stability to the knee joint , inflammation,
degeneration, and other injuries. With his expertise and surgical skills, Dr. Mostafa provides
.comprehensive care for knee patients, restoring their function and comfort

Shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is a modern technique for assessing and treating shoulder problems with
precision and effectiveness. Dr. Mostafa Elnemr utilizes shoulder arthroscopy to diagnose cases
of shoulder ligaments tears, joint inflammation, degeneration, and other injuries. Dr. Mostafa is
dedicated to providing personalized and tailored care for shoulder patients, with a focus on
.restoring shoulder function and improving their quality of life

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